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212-544-8153 Ext. GA

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New York Puppet Shows & New Jersey Puppet Shows

A.- A Dragon In The Castle -

Does your child enjoy a fantasy world of knights, princesses, castles and quests?  Welcome to our Medieval Knight Show in which a mischievous Dragon has stolen a precious mirror and sword from an enchanted castle!  Two jesters are looking for a child to undertake an exciting quest to retrieve these treasures.  But the Birthday Child cannot do it alone.  Lots of help will be needed from other members of the audience!  What will happen when they match wits with the mysterious Guardian of the Forest? How will they trick the Black Knight into letting them continue their journey? And what will happen when they finally meet up with the fiery Dragon?

This lively and funny show consists of 2 costumed performers, a Dragon puppet and lots of audience participation. 

Ideal for boys and girls ages 5 � 7

B. CINDERELLA - Join in making the story of Cinderella come alive!  This show consists of 2 performers, puppets and audience participation.  One performer plays Cinderella and the other plays the Narrator, Prince and Wicked Stepmother.  The puppets are the two stepsisters, Cinderella's dog Bruno, and the Messenger of the King.
    The children also participates by playing parts in the story.  As Cinderella's Mice Friends they help to out with the Wicked Stepmother, and then create the dress that Cinderella will wear to the Ball.  Once at the Ball, the children participate in some fun dances such as the Hokey Pokey and the Duck Dance.  Later, the children play towns people and each gets to try on Cinderella's lost shoe.  In the end, they all help the Prince to find Cinderella.
    This show is lively and colorful, and includes lots of audience participation.  
Time:  1 hour


Join Dorothy on the Yellow Brick Road to Birthday Party Fun!  This show features 2 costumed actors, puppets and audience participation.  One performer plays the part of Dorothy, while the other narrates and takes on the roles of the Wizard and the Doorman of Oz.  The puppets are Aunt Em and Uncle Henry, Glenda the Good Witch, the Wicked Witch of the West, and of course, Toto.
    The children also participate by playing the parts of the scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, and the fun-loving Munchkins.  They will also play the Yellow Brick Road Game, follow Dorothy to Oz, and help her find her way back home.
    This show is fast-paced, colorful, and includes lots of audience participation.  
Time: 1 hour

D. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - Invite Beauty and the Beast to your next Birthday Party!  This show features wonderfully crafted puppets:  Beauty, the Beast, the Prince, an Enchantress, and an Old Woman.  Two professional actress/puppeteers guide the children through a variety of roles -- from being an enchanted forest, to portraying books in a magical library in the Beast's Castle.  The children also play 'enchanted objects' using painted props such as spoons, saucers, cups, etc. while they keep Beauty company during her stay with the Beast.  Later in the story, the children will participate in a wonderful folk dance at a party for Beauty.  
This show is beautifully crafted and colorful with lots of audience participation. 
Based on the original French story. 
Time:  50 Minutes

E. Musical Puppet Show for Young Children

Characters Available:

Rag Doll Annie Pirate
Fairy Princess Train Conductor
Polka Dot Kid Madeline
Cinderella Esmerelda
Tinkerbell Wizard
Cowgirl Checkered Clown

This show features songs, puppets, circle games and lots of audience participation. The puppets are very friendly looking, colorful and age appropriate. The songs include many all time children's favorites: Old MacDonald Had A Farm, The ABC Song, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, etc. There is also Music and Movement with Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes, The Hokey Pokey, and Shake Your Sillies Out. I also bring Bubbles and do Finger Plays.

Appropriate for ages 1 to 4 years old.

Time: 45 Minute Show and 15 Minute Warm-up (1 Hour Total).

Special Note: Shows A, B, C, D & E performed by same Puppeteer.

E. OLLIELAND - A world renowned puppeteer and storytelling wizard, will take the kids ages 2-8 on a fantastic adventure to "Ollieland" where they will sing, dance and share entertainment feast for the whole family.

puppet show in new york

"Ollie and the Puppets of Ollieland" ... a forty to fifty minute sing-a-long, interactive adventure. Meet Queen Cassandra, King Mervin, Sheriff Freddie Fox, Rudy Rabbit, and many more lovable characters as well as the villainous Bad News Bazooka. The kids have fun as they help the good guys squelch Bad News' evil deeds every time!

It's the children that bring love back to "Ollieland"

puppet show nycOne Person Show puppet show new jersey "Entertainer Extraordinaire" puppet show nj 

Let Ollie bring his touring family to your event!

Ollie's Adventures & Friends Video

puppet show new york city 

"Ollie, your work is great!"
           - Mayor Rudolph Giulliani
puppets in nyc
NOTE: Performed by a World Renowned Multifaceted International "Edutainer", Puppeteer and Storytelling Wizard. Performer no longer dresses as a clown.

Available for Private & Corporate Events - Any Occasion

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